“Yvonne AK Johnson has made a marked impact on our son’s life and
his future. As a teacher, she has educated him in every aspect of the
business. She has given him the strong leadership and valuable
instruction that he needed, to always be moving to the next levels in
performing arts. As a director, she has given him many opportunities for
growth onstage and new challenges along the way, but also the freedom
to be who he is, and build on his own gifts and talents. As a mentor and
friend, she has helped him personally, by teaching him to believe in
himself and grow through his insecurities and doubts. This is the strong
foundation that was imperative for our son to take a giant leap towards
his dreams…He currently lives in New York City and is attending
Circle in the Square’s theatre school program. Without Yvonne’s belief,
guidance, and vast knowledge of the business, he would not be where he
is today. Thank you!!” Deena Spencer

“Yvonne A.K. Johnson has had a huge impact on our daughter, Morgan Keene.
Morgan fell in love with musical theatre at the age of 11. When she was
15 she knew a career in the arts was what she couldn’t live without.
Yvonne has been there to help educate, inspire and encourage Morgan to
succeed since she was 13 years old. She has spent countless hours
training Morgan not only in stage performance but on how to conduct
herself in and out of NYC. Yvonne has traveled with Morgan and been
beyond generous both personally and financially. Teenagers can be very
difficult at times, but Yvonne never gave up because when she believes
in someone, she pours all she has to give into them. Yvonne has been a
true blessing and Morgan could never have been where she is today
without God putting her in our daughter’s path. Yvonne Johnson will
always have a place in our hearts, she has become part of our family.” Cindy Keene

“Yvonne has helped our son in incredible ways. She truly has the
kids’ best interests at heart and knows how to guide them through each
next step. Her recommendations of different schools in NYC is something
that we previously had no knowledge of. So she has not only helped our
son to define his goals and achieve them, she has educated us as
parents. She has walked with us through the process and put us all in a
position to work together towards success. We are grateful for her
impact on all of our lives.” Todd Spencer

“Yvonne has been more than a mentor or teacher or director to our daughter.
She has been a protector, a warrior and even an extension of a parent.  We have no doubt that Yvonne not only respects, and cares for Morgan, but one can easily see how much she loves her and truly desires and expects the best for her.  Her ability to teach and impart information will be seen for years to come in Morgan’s career.  I think it is safe to say that Morgan Keene would not be where she is and where she’s going were it not for Yvonne and others who have poured into her life.  Thank you doesn’t seem like quite enough, but thank you, Yvonne, for all you have done and continue to do for our daughter. “ Jason Keene

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